123 Andrés is one of the most exciting new voices on the children’s music scene—his music makes everyone sing, dance and learn—in Spanish and English. A native of Colombia, both his debut CD and his live performances are infused with south of the border sensibilities.


123 Andrés has deep roots in the Latin music world, with over a decade of experience playing Latin Jazz, Salsa, Norteño and Latin folkloric music. He also brings a depth of musical knowledge, holding a doctorate degree in music arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.


His carefully crafted songs earned him the first prize in the National Composition Contest in Colombia. In his music, there is always something for children to explore, learn, find, since he creates art with a purpose. 123 Andrés’ songs incorporate themes such as immigration and cultural understanding and celebrate the rich Latino heritage in the US.


Learning guitar from his father, he absorbed many of the folk traditions from Latin America. 123 Andrés had his first studio experience at age 8, recording a full length record with a children’s group. A career playing guitar, clarinet and saxophone followed, with 123 Andrés joining numerous groups of all genres, from an opera company to a ska band.


He found his true calling playing Latino children’s music in 2009. Now he performs his live 123 Andrés kids’ show more than 200 times each year at venues large and small, from full band performances at the Smithsonian Institution’s Discovery Theater to solo appearances at schools and libraries throughout the country. His workshops for educators inspire teachers to use music, rhythm and songs to teach important language arts concepts and can be integrated into any subject. 123 Andrés has a doctorate in Music Arts.


In 2010 he co-wrote and produced a play based on interviews with Dreamers, young immigrants who were brought to the US as children.   Andrés lives with his wife in Reston, Virginia.

Books, songs and stories are great tools that serve to empower all communities.

123 Andrés


Song, music and dance for tomorrow’s workforce

Singing has long been a way for learning language and is an excellent tool for enhancing language arts lessons. It provides opportunities for introducing new vocabulary in both Spanish and English. Through the addition of dance, children engage their kinetic memory as they learn. Participants will learn how to adapt lyrics by using traditional songs that align with curriculum themes.

Cultural awareness, music and dance

123 Andrés demonstrates how teachers can enhance their students’ understanding of Latin American history and its rich cultural heritage. Participants learn and practice a variety of musical styles and activities that can be integrated into classroom lessons for students from preschool to elementary and any level of second language learning.

123 Andrés encourages families to sing and share experiences, joy, and laughter through songs and movement thereby enhancing their children’s oral language acquisition and literacy. Music has proven to be a powerful tool to develop self-esteem, language acquisition and social skills and home is the ideal venue to invite music into children’s lives. The workshop includes music from several Latin American countries for inclusion and exploration of music and rhythm.

123 Andrés introduces students to Latin American song and dance through a musical lesson in geography that incorporates language, history, culture, art and musical rhythm. A huge traveling map encourages the audience to locate the countries and continents he highlights while singing and dancing. Students participate in regional dances and practice their Spanish vocabulary building their knowledge of language and culture. Andrés sings and plays the guitar and saxophone. This presentation is ideal for pre-K to 5th grade and dual language, ESL, foreign language and diversity/ multicultural studies.

¿Dónde está Juana?

What would you do if you received a mysterious letter? Join 123 Andrés as he travels Latin America in search of Juana. Families will sing and dance to new and classic Spanish songs and practice or learn español along the way! Don’t miss this unique and interactive performance. The show can be in English, Spanish or bilingual.

september, 2017

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