Academia Cultural connects creators of culturally and linguistically relevant books and music for children by facilitating opportunities for students, families and educators to participate in literary arts activities with renowned artists.


Latinos represent the fastest growing segment of the US population, with children under the age of 8 accounting for 25% of the demographic. Yet there are few books or educational resources accurately portraying their experience.


Academia Cultural works to ensure accessibility of literature and music to young Latinos, educators, families and others that is linguistically and culturally rich and relevant. To that end, we have created a site where families and educators can find the best books—in English, Spanish and bilingual—to support dual language acquisition while celebrating the culture and contributions of Latinos.


We believe children have the right to see reflections of themselves in books. We aspire to provide the best experiences supporting children towards becoming strong readers, excellent students and successful. To that end, Academia Cultural works to expand access to children’s literature available to students, families and educators.



Academia Cultural engages the creative spirit of children by facilitating workshops and assemblies allowing interaction with authors, storytellers, illustrators and musicians. Children learn about the creative process – how stories were written, about the skills needed to create an illustration and to develop knowledge of language and vocabulary through songs.



Academia Cultural facilitates workshops for educators in subjects from language arts and dual language acquisition to S.T.E.M., creativity and culture.



We offer workshops for family that teaches them strategies to support their children’s learning and facilitates engagement in their children’s school and throughout their communities.

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